Couch to 5K

9 Week Running Course

This course is designed for the person who may never run, wants to get started back to running, may have health issues or needs to interact within a group socially.

No matter which path C25K participants choose, after two months they will no doubt realize the mental and physical health benefits of running. Running not only burns more calories than other forms of exercise, but also lowers health risks. Additionally, running gives your mental health a boost, as exercise releases endorphins; the hormones that make you feel good.

C25K first came to Havant in April 2014. Two courses took place; Group 1 at Barton’s playing fields and Group 2 from Havant Leisure Centre. The course involved 9 weeks of coaching/mentoring, one session a week and the participant doing two lots of homework listening to the NHS C25K App on an MP3 player. The course took them from running 60 seconds in the first week to running 3.1 mile (5k) in week 9. On completion, all who attended the 9-week course received a certificate of achievement.

What was truly noticeable within both groups, not only did they achieve 3.1 miles between week 7 and week 9week, but their confidence grew, they changed shape and looked and dressed like runners, and believed in themselves.

The next courses start in January 2017 from Waterlooville Leisure Centre, Havant Leisure Centre, Emsworth Park and Hayling Island. See the posters for all dates for 2017 and check out our Facebook page.

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